Most are aware now of the recent near-miss comet event in Russia. We had comet 2012 DA-14 pass within 17,000 miles of earth, which is closer than geosynchronous orbiting satellites. NASA tells us the recent destruction form cometary debris in Russia had nothing to do with DA 14. But we all know that NASA tells lies, and are not trustworthy. We should trust amateur astronomers, rather that NASA!

The Russian SKYFALL created multiple explosions equal to 300-500 kiloton nuclear bomb. The Russian scientists are saying the comet was approximately 50 feet in diameter. Windows were blown out and 1000 people or more were injured by flying glass.

The fact is that there are many comets that can hit us out of nowhwere. We have physical evidence on the earth of past cometary impacts. Do the Illuminati Elite know about these impending cataclysms? Is that why they are building DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, preparing for the cataclysms? How about the SEED VAULTS that have been built in the Arctic? Or Homeland Security purchasing over one BILLION rounds of ammunition, in preparation for societal collapse?

Certainly there were cataclysms in the past. The Deluge, or the Flood, is described in every culture on earth. Our MYTHS describe these past cataclysms. What is coming our way?

Russian Comet