A Mountain of Corpses

The Amerikan Death Empire!

The Amerikan Empire was founded on genocide, torture, exploitation, theft, rape, torture, kidnappings, and general mass extermination of any who stood in it’s way. The Native Americans were brutally slaughtered to steal this land from them. The American Indian had no concept of private land ownership…how could any one person claim ownership of something that was the creation of some magnificent intelligence?

The Amerikan Nazi SS DEATH SQUADS!

The fat and decadent lifestyle of Amerikans today is a result of the Amerikan Empire feeding VAMPIRE-like on the rest of the world. We send in our WAR MACHINE to steal, rape, and plunder the resources of defenseless nations…whether it is oil, natural gas, diamonds, gold, uranium, timber, water..everything and anything that can be exploited by the corporate war mongers and profiteers.


Yet the TRANHUMANISTS think they will create their TECHNO-UTOPIA with their Nazi Vampire Overlords ruling us all for eternity!

Many of the little techie/trendy blogs promoting transhumanism, like www.ieet.org, are run by corporate fascists who think THEY will be the Elites ruling over the trash of humanity. Just try exposing the CONSPIRACY of the Illuminati to use EUGENICS to create a mindless zombie population on their sites, and they will scream “Conspiracy Theorist”, and then immediately CENSOR you, all the while promoting liberty and freedom..blah,blah,blah!

ALL the corporations are in bed together; that includes GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, YAHOO,INTEL, VERIZON, ATT&T, LOCKHEED, BOEING, IBM…and on and on. It is a GLOBAL CORPORATE FASCIST CONTROL GRID, much like the UMBRELLA CORP from Resident Evil. Corporation= Corpus = Corpse = Dead body! Those working for the CORPORATE MACHINE  are working for a CORPSE!

For a GREAT expose of the false promises of transhumanism, go here.



Jesus was an Alien Avatar!

  • All the Ancient Gods , including JEHOVAH, YAHWEH,GOD, were alien extra-terrestrials.
  • Jesus was an Alien Avatar.
  • Everything you were taught about HISTORY in your government indoctrination brainwashing detention centers (public schools,universities, colleges) IS A FABRICATION.
  • All earthly religions are the product of, the result of, these ancient alien E.T.’s. They are used for control purposes.
  • The ancient E.T.’s required BLOOD SACRIFICES…and it continues today with phony endless wars, abortion, and needless surgeries in hospitals.


We, humanity, humankind, are going into TOTAL BONDAGE AND SLAVERY; physical bondage, psychological bondage, spiritual bondage, economic bondage. It will last, at a minimum, 500 YEARS. There will be NO salvation/rescue from on high via Second Coming, Rapture, E.T. Rescue ships,etc.

You decide what to do next.

Ancient Aliens