The NSA openly admits they are spying on all our emails, phone calls, social networking, blogs, even in the house, all your financial activity, your car, your cell phone location..in short, the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE CORPORATE FASCIST CONTROL GRID!

And most Nazified Amerikans, especially the Bible thumpers, absolutely LOVE Nazi filth and trash searching them at the airports, train and bus stations,TSA molesting your children, molesting your wife (or husband!)…Amerikan Nazis have been scientifically trained to behave as prisoners…and it has worked to perfection!

What are the components of the corporate fascist control grid? They are all sectors and dimensions of society; Media, Academia, Education, Science, the Medical Cartel, Military, Church (organized religion), Entertainment..This is the reason there is complete and total APATHY on the part of the zombified nazi amerikans.

Our government-indoctrination brainwashing institutions (public schools) have their roots in Wilhelm Wundt pre-nazi Germany..The purpose was to MILITARIZE the youth. And what a fantastic job they have done to the nazi hellhole called Amerika! Someone once said when fascism came to Amerika, it would be WRAPPED IN THE FLAG AND CARRYING A CROSS! Now Nazi Amerikans, under the 4th REICH, WORSHIP THE FLAG AND GLORIFY WAR, MASS MURDER, AND TORTURE!

During the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Argentina went through the “DIRTY WARS”…Secret DEATH SQUADS kidnapped, tortured, and murdered educators and journalists. The same style death squads are taking out free thinking Americans here. See the Michael Hastings case, clearly a cyber-hack attack takeover of his car, causing his death. More journalists (those who don’t grovel and kiss the asses of the corporate fascist CEO’s and editors) will be murdered by the 4th Reich Gestapo scum here in HOMELAND/FATHERLAND AMERIKA!





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