The End of Free-Thinking Humanity?

Cyborgs Replace Humans












The techniques and methods of mind control that worked in the past are now obsolete and outdated. It used to be that, for example, if a priest/shaman/magician had secret knowledge of something like astronomy, and knew when solar eclipse was to occur, they could use that occult knowledge to manipulate the masses. In fact, that was the point of hidden knowledge, to keep humanity in bondage. The origin of copyright was the Roman Catholic Church keeping Bible translations for themselves, and not allowing the peasants access to read it for themselves. Then along came the Guttenberg press, and now the Bible was freely available.


Now we have nano-neuro dust that can invade the brain, and turn all of humanity into remote controlled automatons.


By using ultrasound frequencies, signals can be sent and received to the human brain. Plus the NSA is watching everything you do, write, and say. Hello, NSA!

My favorite Dustin Hoffman movies are Outbreak, Death of a Salesman & Terror in the Aisles.



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