Jesus was an Alien Avatar!

  • All the Ancient Gods , including JEHOVAH, YAHWEH,GOD, were alien extra-terrestrials.
  • Jesus was an Alien Avatar.
  • Everything you were taught about HISTORY in your government indoctrination brainwashing detention centers (public schools,universities, colleges) IS A FABRICATION.
  • All earthly religions are the product of, the result of, these ancient alien E.T.’s. They are used for control purposes.
  • The ancient E.T.’s required BLOOD SACRIFICES…and it continues today with phony endless wars, abortion, and needless surgeries in hospitals.


We, humanity, humankind, are going into TOTAL BONDAGE AND SLAVERY; physical bondage, psychological bondage, spiritual bondage, economic bondage. It will last, at a minimum, 500 YEARS. There will be NO salvation/rescue from on high via Second Coming, Rapture, E.T. Rescue ships,etc.

You decide what to do next.

Ancient Aliens



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