Amerikan Evil Empire of Death!

Questions Aren't Good In The Evil Empire!

Since Amerika was founded, we have been a nation lusting after empire. We massacred some 50 million Native Americans to seize their land and it’s resources. Every horrible way imaginable was used to slaughter the American Indians. Kill off the buffalo, the source of their economy; give them small pox infected blankets; sell them whiskey and guns. Always remember the “Trail of Tears” and Wounded Knee. Early Amerika we had the Robber Barons, who were ruthless in destroying lives and seizing property, especially unde Eminent Domain and the railroads. The Rockefeller’s in the early 20th, late 19th, centuries, would go into far away lands where oil had been discovered, and then mercilessly machine-gun the indigenous tribes who were pissed off at the invasion of their land. Don’t forget the early labor union busting. The crony capitalists had no qualms about employing child labor, and having 12-14 hour work days. Working conditions were atrocious for workers; filthy, unsanitary, extreme heat or cold. Then, when the workers went on strike, the capitalist murderers would send in the Pinkerton detectives, and just machine gun down helpless striking workers. This is the heart and soul of Amerika, land of evil! Greed, selfishness, apathy, indifference. Look at the current animal behavior of shoppers on Black Friday, screaming in ecstasy in buying some piece of Chinese slave-labor mad crap. Pepper spraying the shoppers. There was even a case where a man lay dead from a heart attack, as shoppers casually stepped around him! Can’t interrupt their shopping sprees!
Now we have some 900 military bases on all seven continents. Massacring Iraqis for oil; mass murder of Afghanis for the opium crops. Heroin production has tripled sine American forces took over Afghanistan. Now we are threatening Syria and Iran, as part of a larger Zionist/Christian Fundamentalist and Neocon “balkanizing” of the entire mideast.
World War III is on the horizon, as the National Defense Authorization Act is passed by treasonous Amerikan Senators, doing away with Posse Comitatus, and turning the Homeland into the Battlefield!
Amerika, land of evil empire, is now under martial law! Lick the boots of your jackbooted stormtroopers; they are your master now! And dumb, fat, lazy hog Amerikans love it!!

Obama Nazi


3 comments on “Amerikan Evil Empire of Death!

  1. this is true only how do we resolve our problems if all we do is dwell on the past when all we can realy do is to streighten our problems out for today ?

    • There is a push for a New World Order, and most are in a trance state induced by biologicals (GMO’,), chemicals (vaccines, fluoride, corporate food,chemtrails), electronics (wifi, cell phones, microwave towers, radiation from all sources), they don’t know which way is up! Humanity needs to WAKE UP and realize who the REAL enemy is….

  2. Thanks,archagnelmatrix for this post, and for liking my somewhat related post(s). Your answer above is quite on target. Sheeple and Ostriches abound, and Chicken Littles, too, I suppose. All we can do is provide information and suggest directions. It is up to people to coalesce into action groups of whatever construct, the best examples of late being Anonymous (aggressive non violent resistance) and the 99% (passive resistance). We are, you and I, in our own little kind of group called activists (loud resistance) 🙂

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