Zombie Mind Control!

Here in Amerika (sic), the heart of the Empire of Evil, we have become little more than a zombified people. It is as if a spell of evil has been cast over us. We seem to be a DEATH-CULT, reveling in murder, destruction, and torture. Look at all the popular TV shows; cops, military, courts, jails, prisons, torture, war.We  drop ‘humanitarian’ bombs on Libya, massacring thousands of innocent people, including children, and the average “good ole’ boy” hoots and hollers as if at a ball game!
There is a scene from the movie Apocalypto (about the Mayans), where the main protagonist is running for his life from the savages who will cut his living heart out, and he stumbles into a massive open-air pit, where all the corpses are dumped. The scene is so visual, with the sound of flies buzzing around the bodies, that you can actually smell the rotting stench of death. That massive pit of rotting corpses symbolizes the foundation of Amerika. We came, we saw, we slaughtered. Some 30-50 million American Indians were slaughtered in our lust for this land. And we haven’t stopped killing since then. Of course now, as then, we “Kill in the Name of God”.
911 was an inside job, and had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, a CIA asset (whose code name was ‘Tim Osmond’). The corporate-military-industrial-complex wants the resources of the entire mideast. And of course the “Greater Israel” plan, where the Rothschild Zionists want to commit genocide to eliminate all the Arabs and Muslims from the entire area.

Greater Israel = Mass Murder/genocide

Amerikans are so dumbed down by minimum-security-government-brainwashing (public schools), corporate programming via television, the Babylon Whore churches, pharmaceutical mind-control drugs, chemicalized food, fluoride in the water (destroys the will), and chemtrails (geoengineering), they can no longer distinguish between reality and illusion.
Welcome to the Zombie Nation of Death!

You Are Deeply Hypnotized!



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