Obamacare is Nazi Eugenics Operations

Pain meds


Obamacare is going to create a medical surveillance state. All your medical data will be put into a data-base. Then, based on your medical profile, you will be allowed or denied medical treatments. This is nothing more than eugenics directives.


Under Obamacare, there will be forced interventions. The Obamacare Medical Police will show up at your house, and forcefully enter, if necessary, administer urine analysis test, cheek swabs, and even take your children if they are considered “at risk”. This will be the Obamacare Medical Police Home Invasions!


There is something wrong in America;we, as a nation of people, are addicted to prescription drugs. Did you know that %6200 people are killed by legally prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than from homicidal shootings? In fact, 290 people are killed everyday by legal prescription drugs, and that is according to the American Medical Association!


There is a medical massacre taking place in this country; estimates are from 106,000 to over 200,000 people die every year in America from “adverse effects”, or side effects, of FDA-approved pharmaceutical medications! That makes the use of prescription drugs the third leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease!


A study by the Mayo Clinic found that 7 out of 10 Americans are on some form of prescription drug. First in line are antibiotics, followed by antidepressants and then opioids. A study by the Alliance for Natural Health International (U.K. Based) revealed that dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are 62,000 times more likely to kill you than natural supplements!


Teens are now more likely to abuse pharmaceutical drugs than illegal street drugs. Studies reveal that one in four teens abuse or misuse a pharmaceutical drug at least once in their lifetime, an increase of 33% from 2008.The drugs-of-choice for teens are Ritalin and Adderall. These latter two drugs act as a calmative/depressive agent in very young children (5-10 years old), but, due to physiological and neurological changes in a growing child, will act as stimulants later on.


A couple of decades ago there was a major shift in the medical community on how to treat pain. Controlling pain is a complex subject, but physicians began a ‘War on Pain’. This meant a huge increase in prescribing opioids (opium-based) drugs . These would include drugs such as Oxycontin, Norco (Vicodin), methadone, codeine/hydrocodone,and others. The use of deadly and addictive pain narcotics has reached such epidemic proportions, that these opioids kill more people annually than heroin and cocaine combined!


How is it that doctors and the medical community in general could not know that the runaway-prescribing of dangerous narcotics wouldn’t turn us into a nation of drug addicts? The answer, as usual, returns to money and the huge profits being made by the Big Business Pharmaceutical Industry (Big Pharma).


Your local drug-dealer no longer is some sleazy junkie hanging around some street corner in the bad part of town; no, you biggest drug-dealer now wears a white coat and has ‘M.D.’ next to their name!


Under the new Affordable Care Patient Act, commonly known as “Obamacare”, anyone on a Schedule 2-6 drug is automatically under DEA surveillance. That’s right, even though you may be under a physician’s care and taking legally-prescribed pharmaceuticals. You will now be treated as criminal under the new medical surveillance guidelines. When your physician prescribes opioid painkillers, they will automatically pop-up on the Department of Justice and DEA radar screen.


It may behoove some readers to carefully consider alternatives to dangerous and expensive pharmaceuticals and opioid-derivatives. Managing pain is tricky business. In fact, there is a condition where the more pain-meds you take, for a longer time, may actually increase the pain levels! It is well known in the medical community, and is technically called “hyperalgesia”. Even small things,such as cloth rubbing on the skin, can elicit terrifying, mind-numbing pain. So check into alternative health sources for pain treatment; your life may depend on it!




The American Gestapo State


In Nazi Germany, the Gehieme Staatspolizei, or Gestapo, was literally the Homeland Police (Security). It was the MOTHERLAND in the USSR, the FATHERLAND in Nazi Germany, and now the HOMELAND in Nazi America! Homeland Security is the American Gestapo.

The Transportation Security Agency’s (TSA) sole purpose was to train Americans, like dogs, to behave and act like prisoners; bend over, here it comes again! (BOHICA). And the Americans now behave exactly like prisoners! ROFL! The American SS (Highway Patrol) will even have their stormtroopers ram their hands up into your private places, and the American cattle just sit idly by, allowing their children to be molested by State-sanctioned pedophiles!






A Mountain of Corpses

The Amerikan Death Empire!

The Amerikan Empire was founded on genocide, torture, exploitation, theft, rape, torture, kidnappings, and general mass extermination of any who stood in it’s way. The Native Americans were brutally slaughtered to steal this land from them. The American Indian had no concept of private land ownership…how could any one person claim ownership of something that was the creation of some magnificent intelligence?

The Amerikan Nazi SS DEATH SQUADS!

The fat and decadent lifestyle of Amerikans today is a result of the Amerikan Empire feeding VAMPIRE-like on the rest of the world. We send in our WAR MACHINE to steal, rape, and plunder the resources of defenseless nations…whether it is oil, natural gas, diamonds, gold, uranium, timber, water..everything and anything that can be exploited by the corporate war mongers and profiteers.


Yet the TRANHUMANISTS think they will create their TECHNO-UTOPIA with their Nazi Vampire Overlords ruling us all for eternity!

Many of the little techie/trendy blogs promoting transhumanism, like www.ieet.org, are run by corporate fascists who think THEY will be the Elites ruling over the trash of humanity. Just try exposing the CONSPIRACY of the Illuminati to use EUGENICS to create a mindless zombie population on their sites, and they will scream “Conspiracy Theorist”, and then immediately CENSOR you, all the while promoting liberty and freedom..blah,blah,blah!

ALL the corporations are in bed together; that includes GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, YAHOO,INTEL, VERIZON, ATT&T, LOCKHEED, BOEING, IBM…and on and on. It is a GLOBAL CORPORATE FASCIST CONTROL GRID, much like the UMBRELLA CORP from Resident Evil. Corporation= Corpus = Corpse = Dead body! Those working for the CORPORATE MACHINE  are working for a CORPSE!

For a GREAT expose of the false promises of transhumanism, go here.



There is a battle going on within the Illuminati on how to handle the mass of humanity in the coming years. Technology will soon (and is already occurring!) make vast numbers of humanity completely obsolete. By 2020, there will be no jobs at all in PRODUCTION, MANUFACTURING, or TRANSPORTATION; it will all be automated and run by autonomous A.I.s. By 2040, all law enforcement, surveillance, and security will also be run by robots and A.I. systems.


The psychopathic Illuminati elite control all the world’s resources, and YOU are just a useless burden on “sustainable development”. The TECHNOCRATS want a robot-automation-future utopia..but with a robot kill switch to turn off the robots…much like they currently have an Internet kill switch and a power grid kill switch. The Plutocrats, on the other hand, are waiting until their NWO Chinese slave labor pool are replaced by robots..at which point they will release the global contagion and plagues to wipe out some 97% or more of humanity. The Technocrats want a Hunger Games/Elysium/DREDD/District 9 style ghettos and shanty towns, where humans live in squalor, fighting over scraps of food..all being monitored by the Robot Police/Military control grid.

Currently the trend is towards creating open Death Squads in Amerika, which have been in operation in South/Central America for years. The Death Squads are already taking out journalists and reporters exposing the ruling psychopaths. And the All Seeing Eye of the NSA watching everything and everyone (Hello, NSA!…Keyword Algorithms==Working titles for my grindcore band: Blister Agent, Spillover, Agro Terror, Brute Forcing, Temblor


Fuck those Nazi puke scum bastards!

Fuck the Amerikan Nazi 4th Reich!!!


The Obama DHS and FBI planned to assassinate Occupy protesters....while fat, dumb, stupid Nazi Amerikans shop for their chinese slave crap at Wally Mart, and watch their idiot shows on the idiot box TV.




The NSA openly admits they are spying on all our emails, phone calls, social networking, blogs, even in the house, all your financial activity, your car, your cell phone location..in short, the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE CORPORATE FASCIST CONTROL GRID!

And most Nazified Amerikans, especially the Bible thumpers, absolutely LOVE Nazi filth and trash searching them at the airports, train and bus stations,TSA molesting your children, molesting your wife (or husband!)…Amerikan Nazis have been scientifically trained to behave as prisoners…and it has worked to perfection!

What are the components of the corporate fascist control grid? They are all sectors and dimensions of society; Media, Academia, Education, Science, the Medical Cartel, Military, Church (organized religion), Entertainment..This is the reason there is complete and total APATHY on the part of the zombified nazi amerikans.

Our government-indoctrination brainwashing institutions (public schools) have their roots in Wilhelm Wundt pre-nazi Germany..The purpose was to MILITARIZE the youth. And what a fantastic job they have done to the nazi hellhole called Amerika! Someone once said when fascism came to Amerika, it would be WRAPPED IN THE FLAG AND CARRYING A CROSS! Now Nazi Amerikans, under the 4th REICH, WORSHIP THE FLAG AND GLORIFY WAR, MASS MURDER, AND TORTURE!

During the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Argentina went through the “DIRTY WARS”…Secret DEATH SQUADS kidnapped, tortured, and murdered educators and journalists. The same style death squads are taking out free thinking Americans here. See the Michael Hastings case, clearly a cyber-hack attack takeover of his car, causing his death. More journalists (those who don’t grovel and kiss the asses of the corporate fascist CEO’s and editors) will be murdered by the 4th Reich Gestapo scum here in HOMELAND/FATHERLAND AMERIKA!





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The End of Free-Thinking Humanity?

Cyborgs Replace Humans












The techniques and methods of mind control that worked in the past are now obsolete and outdated. It used to be that, for example, if a priest/shaman/magician had secret knowledge of something like astronomy, and knew when solar eclipse was to occur, they could use that occult knowledge to manipulate the masses. In fact, that was the point of hidden knowledge, to keep humanity in bondage. The origin of copyright was the Roman Catholic Church keeping Bible translations for themselves, and not allowing the peasants access to read it for themselves. Then along came the Guttenberg press, and now the Bible was freely available.


Now we have nano-neuro dust that can invade the brain, and turn all of humanity into remote controlled automatons.


By using ultrasound frequencies, signals can be sent and received to the human brain. Plus the NSA is watching everything you do, write, and say. Hello, NSA!

My favorite Dustin Hoffman movies are Outbreak, Death of a Salesman & Terror in the Aisles.





Most are aware now of the recent near-miss comet event in Russia. We had comet 2012 DA-14 pass within 17,000 miles of earth, which is closer than geosynchronous orbiting satellites. NASA tells us the recent destruction form cometary debris in Russia had nothing to do with DA 14. But we all know that NASA tells lies, and are not trustworthy. We should trust amateur astronomers, rather that NASA!

The Russian SKYFALL created multiple explosions equal to 300-500 kiloton nuclear bomb. The Russian scientists are saying the comet was approximately 50 feet in diameter. Windows were blown out and 1000 people or more were injured by flying glass.

The fact is that there are many comets that can hit us out of nowhwere. We have physical evidence on the earth of past cometary impacts. Do the Illuminati Elite know about these impending cataclysms? Is that why they are building DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES, preparing for the cataclysms? How about the SEED VAULTS that have been built in the Arctic? Or Homeland Security purchasing over one BILLION rounds of ammunition, in preparation for societal collapse?

Certainly there were cataclysms in the past. The Deluge, or the Flood, is described in every culture on earth. Our MYTHS describe these past cataclysms. What is coming our way?

Russian Comet




Amerika is starting to look like Argentina during the late ’70’s. Into the ’80’s. Argentina was in economic collapse, massive unemployment, people demonstrating in the streets. There was a secret society within the police and military. This occult secret society sent out DEATH SQUADS to randomly murder children, media personalities, artists, students, journalists…and even included police and military. The purpose was to generate FEAR and suspicion. Turns out this secret occult assassin teams were run by an Argentinian General.

Now the LAPD have become nothing more than a TERRORIST GANG, in the murder and WACO-style fire of Chris Dorner. No trial, no jury…just instant execution by police murderers and terrorists. The purpose is to create mass civil unrest, a Second Civil war, seizing the weapons of law-abiding Amerikans. After the slaughter, Obama will come out looking like Lincoln!

America is becoming a militarized war zone. Soon you will be going through prisoner TSA checkpoints Everywhere! We will be WORSE than North Korea! Kiss your constitution goodbye!





How is it possible that one man, Chris Dorner, is able to bring an entire city (LA) to a standstill? The entire LA METRO area is now a MILITARIZED WAR ZONE!! Cui bono? Who stands to profit? The sociopathic ruling Elites want the entire planet turned into a MILITARIZED CONTROL GRID. There is no evidence that Dorner killed anyone. In fact, there are now alleged posting on Facebook by Dorner claiming NONE of these killings are his! That he is being set up because of his exposure of the corruption in the LAPD.

The purpose of Hollywood is PROGRAMMING….or OCCULT TECHNOLOGY. In the sci fi movie BATTLE LA,we never really see any aliens…but there ARE lots of out-of-control DRONES! Now in LA, ARMED DRONES are being used to hunt for ONE man! The LAPD are opening fire at random on random people and vehicles. JUST WHO IS THE TERRORIST HERE??? Sounds like GOVERNMENT and Police are terrorizing the people. Plus, there are JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) assassin/killer teams roaming all over So-Cal. How convenient for them to kill people on random, then blame it on the American Osama! Now we have a NEW manufactured boogeyman right here at home!